Kalinjar general Information


Situated at a distance of 280 km from Jhansi, this town and the fort, which have had strategic important since the earliest of times, are located in the ancient land of Jejakbhukti, which is an integral part of Bundelkhand. The fort, a stronghold of the Chandelas from the 9th to the 15th century AD, remained an invincible citadel, prized for its location, right uptil the time of the Mughals.During its eventful existence, the fort was subject to numerous attacks by Mohammed Ghazni, Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak and Humayun who invaded this stronghold of the Chandelas. It was Akbar who finally conquered it in 1569 and bequeathed it as a gift to Birbal, one of his "nine jewels". From Birbal, it went to Chhatrasal, the legendary Bundela warrior and then to Hardev Shah of Panna. In 1812 it fell into the hands of the British. This fort with its romantic and extraordinary history is well worth a visit. The township of Kalinjar was also once enclosed within a high rampart wall with four gateways, only, three of which exist today. These are popularly known as the Kamta Dwar, Panna Dwar and Rewa Dwar..

Area 25 sq. km. 
Altitude 381.25 mtrs. Above sea level.  
Season   Year round except for the summer months of April, May, June.
Clothing  Summer - Cottons; Winter - Woolen
STD Code 0519-70
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