Kanpur Excursions

Excursions in Kanpur :

Bithoor :
It is 22kms away, on Kannauji Road, is a tranquil spot, suffused with historical and religious significance. Situated onbanks of Ganges, Bithoor's glorious past is wrapped in legends and fables. Accorrding to Hindu mythology, Bithoor's was chosen by lord braham, the Creator, as his abode after the destruction of the Universe. It was also here that the great saint Valmiki meditated and wrote the Ramayana . Also, it was here that the legendary child, Dhruva, meditated and recived the blessing of Gods.
Bithoor also is place where historical such as Rani laxmi Bai and Nana Saheb Peshwa, who played key role in the country's freedom's struggle, spend their childhood.
The place not only offers a trip back into the annals of history , it is also a beautiful spot with lakes, gardens and boating facilities .
Kannauji :
Kannauji, 80kms was the capital of king Harshavardhana whose empire encompassed the entire region between reivers Sutlej and Beas. Though not much of the glorious past remains, the temple of Ajaipal still exists.The town is the centre of the Indian essence(ittar) industry.
Bhitargaon :
About 80kms. Houses a unique architectural specimen a brick temple belonging to gupta era. The very first shrine with a shinkara, dates back to 600 AD.
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