Allahabad Excursions

Excursions in Allahabad :
Kausambi :
This ancient Buddhist centre, once known as Kosam, is 63km south-west of Allahabad on the way to Chitrakut. It was the capital of King Udya, a contemporary of the budha, and the Enlightened One is said to have preached several sermons here. There's a huge fortress near the village which contains the broken remains of an Ashoka pillar.
Garwha :
It is located about 50km south-west of Allahabad. The major temple has 16 beautifully carved stone pillars, and inscriptions reveal that the temples date back to the Gupta period.
Bhita :
About 18km south of Allahabad, have revealed the remains of an ancient fortified city. Layers of occupation dating from the Gupta period (320 to 510 AD) back to the Mauryan period (321 to 184 BC). There's a museum with stone and metal seals, coins and terracotta statues.
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